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As part of Dongjiao Hotel, Dongjiao Garden Villa at Dongjiao Hotel covers an area of 137,000 square meters, building area of 36,000 square meters, plot ratio of 0.264, greening rate of 68.70%.The park is lush and green, and every household enjoys public green space. The villas of ten different architectural styles have elegant appearance and luxurious indoor facilities. They are equipped with complete furniture, central air conditioning, central water heater, satellite TV and other living facilities. Villa area of all kinds of sports, catering and recreational facilities, security measures are well - rounded, it is an ideal living place for people both at home and abroad. As one of the unique features of garden villas in the eastern suburbs, green landscape has its extraordinary visual enjoyment compared with most of the villa on market at present.



Shanghai Dongjiao Hotel is located at the intersection of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park and Jinqiao Export Processing Zone. Thanks to its tranquil location and advantaged ecological environment with 1200 mu of classical gardens in the Hotel, you will experience more comfort and excellent service than you expected in Dongjiao Garden Villa, a well-designed residence for you.



Gym, gymnastics room, badminton hall, indoor Olympic standard natatorium, indoor and outdoor tennis hall, billiards, squash, bath, bowling, table tennis, chess and CARDS room, recreation room and dance hall, and with cafes, shopping malls and other service places. Villa guests, will be in the form of membership system to meet high-end elites from all walks of life, for the distinguished guests to provide warm and thoughtful star service, is the social celebrities, intellectuals, business elite, white-collar class fitness, leisure, entertainment ideal place



Dongjiao Hotel garden villa area, adhering to the European and American traditional villa style, with the whole wooden structure to create more than 10 different garden-style villas. In a total of 82 garden villas, Dongjiao Hotel garden villa gathers the villa styles familiar to foreign people in the United States, Britain, France, Canada, and other places. The architectural pattern continues to use its special craft, and basically restores the characteristics of local villa style. The room type has adopted a uniform area distribution, with a span of 320-420 square meters, which is well adapted to the living requirements of expat families in Shanghai. Due to the diversity of architectural forms, Dongjiao Hotel garden villa can well meet the diverse choices of foreigners.



  • English Speaking Staff on duty 24 hours a day, answering household call at any time
  • Hotel engineering personnel 24 hours emergency maintenance
  • 24-hour full security
  • American school bus service
  • Provide carrefour supermarket shuttle service
  • Provide taxi dispatch service
  • Satellite TV
  • International and domestic long-distance line, community extension
  • High-speed broadband and IT technical support services                                                                                                                                    



1800 Jinke Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China                                                                                                                                                           



Dongjiao Garden Villa at Dongjiao Hotel

5 Bedrooms 5 bathrooms 412 sqm
Jinke Rd Station Line 2
Pudong New Area Green City

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¥ 75000.00

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